Travel Essentials: Chris Dafick

Chris Dafick is currently enjoying his last weeks in Europe. After half a year on the road, countless stories, crazy nights in so many different cities and settling down in Spain for a few months, his journey is about to end. Well, at least the European part of it, as he is about to enter a plane back to the States to keep on doing what he loves to do. Shredding different places in every corner of the country and living the life of a nomad, all that while staying productive with Shredweiser and contributing his part to the blading world. We can only be jealous of Chris’ lifestyle and curious to see what are his travel essentials.

Dafick Profile

Text: Johannes Jacobi
Photos: Bea Conde-Corbal

What’s your destination this time and how long you’re on the road?
I am actually supposed to be on a plane right now as I am typing this, but this morning I had a sudden change of heart and decided another month out in Spain wouldn’t be too bad, so I am here until early December. Then I plan on heading back to the states to see some family in New Jersey. After the holidays heading south, seeing some friends along the way to Florida for a few months, saving some money for the spring. Got some heavy ideas for the next year.
As for how long I am on the road…. I don’t really see myself slowing down on my travels anytime soon or ever for that matter, so I couldn’t tell ya. Right now the road is my home and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What’s the one item you wish you would (but you don’t) have for your travels?
My motorcycle, but I had to hock her to buy the van for the Shredweiser tour, which I also hocked to fund my current travels. Miss them steads of mine.

Favorite airport?
Oakland Airport, cheap flights, and its always empty. One terminal and quick and simple.

Andddd your either gonna get dropped off or picked up with a beer and a biff, if you have the right kind of amigos.

Your trick to beat jet lag?
Well if you travel West to East jet lag is reversed, you’re the last one to pass out and the first one to rise…. but that’s not always the case. Usually the thrill of being someplace different on new journey is enough to keep my mind entertained.

Any travel tips/suggestions?
Pack light, Don’t check your bags, ditch your phone and enjoy your journey.

Roll or fold clothes?
Roll em up

Dafick Travel Essentials

First things first….
Steve Gasstation: Don’t leave home without em
Duffel Bag: Big ol army duffel bag to fit my few treasures
Jam Box: Tunes is a must have for me, got an Ipod classic with a life time of music, and a jam box to make them slow times that much more enjoyable and the fast times that much better.
Basic Clothing: A jacket, some jeans a couple shirts and socks and your good to go, keep it basic.
Shrines of Sorts: I always carry a handful of keepsakes with me on my travels, some of the few things I refuse to leave behind… Too Sacred… A couple good luck charms from certain buds and babes… along with a few shrines to some lost soldiers.
Camera: Capture them memories
Passport: Gotta keep cruising
Boots: Some comfy brown leather boots to keep the miles feelin easy
Blades: SSM Ground Control Shredweiser
Buck Knife: Never know what will happen…
The Ol’ Guitar: Always fun to fuck around on, one of my favorite ways to pass the time
Harmonicas: For them campfire nights
Couple of books for the road: Feed your brain, good to pass the time and pass on to a homie of your choice when your finished.
Notebook and Writing Utensil: Gotta jot down them thoughts, sketches, ideas and memories.
MacBook and Drives: A computer for when computing is necessary and a couple hard drives holding onto a lifetime of clips, photos and memories.

What it looks like when Chris is on the road:

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