Atlanta blader & K2 skates team rider Richard Williams is never one to stay in one place for too long. His job as a videographer for the lifestyle website keeps him constantly on the move, traveling to exotic locations and living a life some would dream of. Being the frequent flyer that he is, Richard has had to learn quickly that you need to be fully prepared for anything that the job throws at you and you better pack accordingly.
We had Richard explain some of the essentials that he needs to fulfill his work obligations and also other items that will keep him entertained in the many hours of downtime between his destinations.

Richard William’s travel essentials:

Traveling has taught me so much, but when it comes to what I pack, these are my essentials:

1. A good travel pillow for those long flights.

2. Three lenses at least to capture decent imagery.

3. A power adapter for foreign lands.

4.  My DSLR.

5. Plenty of camera batteries and the battery charger to insure I’m ready to capture at all times.

6. My K2 Uptown recreational skates and aggressive frames for those on-the-fly spot checks.

7. My Blade Club Originals backpack. It’s hands down, my best investment of late.

8. A solid hat from Death Squad Blading.

9. My Insta360 ONE X cam for getting those solo shots of my environment.

10. A water resistant Bluetooth speaker for those dope skate sessions with homies. 

11. Bluetooth headphones for flights/editing and also earbuds for skating.

12.  A decent travel tripod for static shots.

13. Rolling papers.

14. A skate tool and extra wheels.

15. My passport, never leave home without it!

Picture by: Lari Dal Lago
Picture by: Morgan Votaw
Picture by: Julien Casalini

  • What was your most recent trip & what do you have planned for upcoming trips?

My most recent trip was to Vegas for the unveiling of the 2020 Shelby GT500.  Upcoming, I will be in San Diego in early December for a couple of days.

  • Do you have any travel tips for our readers?

Pack light! A good bag like the Blade Club skate backpack will make you want to bring it all, but at the end of the day, you want to be mobile. 

Photo by: AJ Robinson
  • Do you have any favorite airports? Or maybe least hated?

ATL is my favorite airport because of its widespread reach, but Long Beach is by far the easiest to fly in and out of.

  • What do you wish you packed but tend to forget?

I tend to forget bringing enough socks. But I’m working on it, haha.

Photo by: AJ Robinson

Be sure to follow Richard Williams’ on his social media accounts as well as check out his work on the site.

Instagram: @rawfootageatl

Facebook: Richard.Williams

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