If accumulating frequent flyer miles was a contest in the blading world, Jon Fromm would surely be one of the leaders of the pack. In combination with his day job and his professional blading endeavors, the Floridian turned San Diego resident has amassed many a passport stamps in his day and has toured the world several times over despite his relatively young age. If there ever was a person that could impart words of wisdom regarding traveling effectively, it would be Jon Fromm.

So without further adieu, we bring to you the travel master’s essentials!

Photo: Kyle Strauss

Traveling has taught me so much, but when it comes to what I bring along with me, these are my essentials:

1. A good solid light backpack.

2. My camcorder with a fisheye.

3. Portable charger with 2 cords.

4. Blades with an extra pair of Jon Fromm Redeye wheels.

5. Clothes to lounge in. (I always change my clothes in flight so that I’m more comfortable)

6. Extra clothes for when I land. I like being fresh when getting off a long flight.

7. Toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion. All help me keep fresh for when I land.

8. Laptop in case I want to get any extra work done mid-flight.

9. Airpods and over ear headphones. I like my AirPods for sleeping, and over ear headphones for watching movies.

10. Priority Pass Card/ Delta Amex card. This may be a weird thing to most, but I highly suggest investing into a travel credit card with lounge access. There is nothing better than free food/drinks and a hot shower if you have a connection after a long flight.  

11. Passport along with a copy of said passport. Always good to have it in case something happens. The Embassy can help you much faster if you have a copy.

12. Solid book to read.

13. Delta Status Tag on luggage. ( I know this is weird, but if you have status on an airline, put the tag on your checked luggage. 9 times out of 10 the baggage handlers will always make sure your luggage never has any issues. (At least in my experience).

14. IPod with headphones (Needed for skating)

15. Deathlense for phone (For my IG posts)

Top acid. Photo: Sean MacGowan, @_seanmacgowan

  • What was your most recent trip & what do you have planned for upcoming trips?

Most Recent was South Africa for Jet Lag Disciples 2. Upcoming trips I have are Panhandle Pow Wow in Florida, and South America (Location TBD).

  • Do you have any travel tips for our readers?

Be patient, and treat airline staff with respect and kindness. I’ve found doing this is always better than being a dick. Most of the time the staff will do their best to help you if there’s a problem. (I.E one time from AZ I was going to miss my connection in Texas because of bad weather. I told the agent, acted super nice, and she put me on a direct flight from AZ to FL, so I avoided all the bad weather :).

Front savannah. Photo: Kyle Strauss

  • Do you have any favorite airports? Or maybe least hated?

Favorite airport has to be DXB (Dubai) or DOH (Doha, Qatar). If you haven’t been to a middle east airport, just know they spare no expense with space and comfort. ATL and LAX are the human versions of hell on earth. I hate going through both. Hahahaha

  • What is your craziest or most stressful trip that you have ever taken?

It was definitely my first blading trip internationally. I went to to Argentina to skate with the Seufferheld bro’s. We actually all left from Florida to fly to Argentina. They flew on a different route then I did. I flew through Atlanta, and they flew through Mexico City. When I got there I waited and waited, and they didn’t come. Unfortunately, snow got them in Mex, so they were stuck there a night. So I was stuck in Buenos Aires airport waiting for their other friend Fran to pick me up. About 8 hours went by, I didn’t hear or see anyone. I was so confused and scared. I almost booked a return home because I didn’t know what to do. After waiting for 9 hours in the airport this guy in a razors hoodie sees me and finds me. It was Fran. His car broke down on his way to get me, and his phone died all at once. It was a perfect storm. After that, the trip was a blast, but that’s not a fun trip for anyone who had never been out of the country, haha.

  • What items do you wish you packed but always tend to forget?

Band Aids/ Neosporin. I seriously always forget them, and usually need them on all my trips.

Alley oop fishbrain. Photo: Sean MacGowan, @_seanmacgowan

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