KL: Mr. Paddy the Baddy! It is great to see you back in the blading game after a short hiatus away, brother. I know you have recently started a family & made some major life changes, but tell our readers a little bit about what prompted your hiatus & what brought you back to blading?

KL: Well, we are glad to have you involved in blading again! Now, tell me about the BladeWave crew! Who is represented in “CrunchTime” & what makes each person profiled unique or special?

KL: The video is dubbed “Crunchtime”, as you & the crew filmed this piece under a lot of pressure to get it completed before the CapCon event there in Atlanta. Can you give us some insight into how long it took you all to get this video completed?

KL: Aside from the corrupted hard drive & thinking you lost your footage & the limited time to complete this project, what other adversities did you all encounter filming this video?

KL: Your brother Brandon is a seasoned videographer himself, was he a big influence on you to make your videos & what were some of the biggest lessons he taught you regarding video production? Or was it mostly self-taught?

KL: So I noticed aside from the clip of Mikey Harper ghosting Brandon on his congratulatory daps, there were no clips of your brother in the video. Where’s the brotherly love, Paddy? Haha

KL: There has been a noticeable resurgence in the Atlanta skating scene, not just the blading side, but all skating in general. What are you guys doing over there that has the people so excited to come out & strap on blades, either for the first time or coming back into the skating game?

KL: Now that you wrapped up “Crunchtime” in a fairly quick amount of time, what is next? Are you planning on something more extensive & with a longer period to film? What’s on the horizon?

KL: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Paddy, it is always a pleasure & I look forward to seeing you in September for the Faction premiere. Who would you like to thank for their support & making “Crunchtime” a success?