Cymatics Urethane co-owner Fritz Peitzner has just dropped his newest full-length profile which was filmed & edited by his close friend Josh Navarifar, creator of the Rollerblading Is Still Fun video series. Our editor Kevin Little had the opportunity to speak with Fritz about the filming process behind “Chaos“, how he overcame some very serious injuries, and how he finds the time to skate, given his busy schedule as an entrepreneur. Peep what he had to say & show Fritz some love on his new profile!

KL:  Hey brother! I know you’re a busy guy, so thanks for taking the time to speak with us. So, your new “Chaos, video is an absolute banger! How long were you and Navarifar filming for this particular profile?

FP: Thank you! We had a clip in December but didn’t start filming until the beginning of January. We were on a mission to stack as much as possible until my flight to Germany which was middle of February. Josh Navarifar is easy to work with since he was the first to film a proper section of me in his first video and now a YouTube channel called RBISF (rollerblading is still fun).

KL: This is your first full-length profile since your serious head injury which occurred at the Pow-Wow event a few years ago & a more recent knee surgery. Did you have any reluctance in going so hard for your new profile with the injuries lingering in your memory?

FP: Im happy you asked about this because my whole approach to skating has changed since these injuries. My head injury left me with a ton of fear and doubt while skating. Sounds or distractions can cause me to sit down and take off my skates. I do wear a helmet now and wish I didn’t have to learn the hard way but I am happy to be alive and well. My knee injury also added to the fear but also physical weakness resulting in a complete change of lifestyle. Luckily I take these new obstacles as a challenge that I feel have set me on the right path.

KL: As a close friend of yours, it is relieving to see you wearing a helmet after your most recent injury. Did the decision to wear a helmet come from pressure from your family & friends or did you realize that on your own?

FP: The neurologist I spoke with and doctors definitely made me realize that I can’t have something like this happen again. I wouldn’t recover the same. My friends will remind me to buckle my helmet and my family are constantly reminding me of what they went through. 

KL: A few of the spots in your profile seem to be fairly new additions that haven’t been filmed before. Was there a conscious effort to find new spots or was it just what you and the boys were feeling at the time?

FP: This was definitely a conscience decision. I have always loved to be creative on my skates and to be honest these spots are just more exciting and motivating. We went to a few perfect ledges and rails that i just couldn’t get myself hyped to do. I also wanted to film something I myself would enjoy to watch. 

KL: You and Josh Navarifar have always shared amazing chemistry & if people didn’t know you better, they would swear you two are brothers. How much does your personal friendship help in the filming process? How does he motivate, or shame you into performing at your peak level? Haha

FP: I love this! A lot of people would mistake us for brothers back in the day & with the years as friends he is like a brother to me. Josh has always been a skater I admire so having him film me is a great feeling. Josh just kept me motivated and realistic, we both used this time to catch up, hang out, and laugh! The car rides were a great time to have cool conversations & kept the pressure down. This edit became what it did organically like it should. I feel like it was synchronized perfectly with time and performance!

KL: You had quite a few mishaps in the filming process of your new video, mainly you practicing your kung-fu skills on Josh’s lens. Were there any major damages during the filming process or just cosmetic?

FP: Just cosmetic luckily! Haha I know his mic is a little loose now, but did not effect the camera thank goodness! Sorry Josh. Haha

KL: You are one of the hardest working guys I know and are constantly working on numerous projects simultaneously.  How hard is it being an owner of several businesses & still finding time out of your day to skate & film regularly?

FP: Gosh dude this edit for me was therapeutic, I needed it! Luckily I have great a great team which helps projects like this become achievable.

KL: You have been a busy bee the last year traveling to various locations & events, what does 2024 have in store for you & where can your fans look forward to seeing you next?

FP: I feel like traveling gives me the opportunity to grow so I am doing what I should. I have plans to return to Europe in May and stay for some time so let’s see where the wind takes me!

KL: Thanks so much for answering our questions, brother. Is there anyone that you would like to thank for their support or help in making this dope new profile?

FP: I would like to thank Jordan Glowicki for all the dedication and direction he has given to the company. He is the brain and the organizer to the chaos. Haha. Jordan has a passion for quality efficiency and ingenuity which show in the quality of our products.


Filmed on location in Dallas Texas by Josh Navarifar | Edited by: Josh Navarifar    / @rollerbladingisstillfun