The Bladed and Faded: John Dickerson Section

After Chris Napoleon & Tad Tregeagle‘s sections in the indie “The Bladed and Faded” flick, here is John Dickerson‘s part, and it is another great one for sure! Put together with attentive care by videographer Manuel Rodriguez, this section showcases John’s many grind variations, performed on a great variety of spots! Filmed back in 2014 all throughout Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas, we highly suggest you hive this one a watch too!

This is John Dickerson’s sections from my video “The Bladed and Faded” that I released in October of 2014. John worked really hard for his part and honestly it was one of my favorites to put together. This was all filmed in Salt Lake City and surrounding cities.– Manuel Rodriguez

Download the full Bladed and Faded video:
Visit Utah’s great bl8ordie website here:

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