Words | Photographs by Jonathan Labez @JMLabez

Blading Cup has expanded from a one day into a multiple day event. It does the skaters justice, giving everyone the time they deserve to be their best. In much the same way, breaking ‘Faces of Blading Cup’ into several parts gives everyone who stepped into the pop up studio the time they deserve.

The process of partitioning and pairing images is an exercise in intuition more than anything else. What feels right aesthetically isn’t a science. It is about weaving a chronicle on the character in front of you. Even after sifting through a couple thousand images, there is still the selection process of what goes where and what feels right in a feature. It’s not enough to have shot an image, it’s about knowing how to get the most impact from it. Layout is as important as the imagery itself. A good one is innately satisfying in an indescribable way. It just works.

I hope to have imparted this in part II of ‘Faces of Blading Cup 2019.’

Click here for the first installment of portraits from ‘Faces of Blading Cup 2019‘.

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