Firewood turns into ash and does not turn into firewood again. But do not suppose that the ash is after and the firewood is before

Dogen Zenji

The beloved Cody Lampman has just dropped a likely contender for video section of the year with his newest Ashes profile which was shot by the talented Geoff Phillip and Mykel Fatali in Denver, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah.

In Ashes, which was beautifully edited to Orville Peck’s “Hope to Die”, Cody’s spot and trick selection shows that he made a very conscience effort in finding the most unlikely tricks to perform on the most sketchy of obstacles. From huge disaster gaps to rails, technical tricks on difficult wall rails, (both ways, I might add) and undeniably one of the greatest pudslides ever done, Ashes is a masterpiece.

So waste no time in hitting that little thumbs up button, bookmark that video link and prepare to strap on them blades cause this section will get you too pumped not to skate immediately afterwards!


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