Kaltik: New Nylon 66 Frames Now Available

Things really seem to be moving at the Kaltik headquarters these days! After unveiling the visuals of their new Big freestyle frame last week, and announcing the addition of street technician Philip Moore to the team, Kaltik mastermind Conhuir Manweiler just released the brand’s latest product! The Nylon 66 frames are now available for shipping worldwide, and with a new material and bigger wheel size, this improved flat frame should sell like hot cakes!

After testing many modifications to Nylon 66, I am happy with these mods to the material meaning these are the strongest and most durable frames Kaltik has released to date. This Nylon is naturally lubricated to give you a better slide for the whole life of the frame.

Visit the official Kaltik website here: kaltik.eu
Follow their page for more updates: facebook.com/Kaltik


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