The blading resurgence is in full swing and with all of the rejuvenated energy flying around there also comes with it some incredible new products from some of blading’s longest running and most dedicated brands as well as new brands that are creating ground breaking products to fit all of your blading desires.

So we have decided to highlight some of our industry’s hot new items in our newest feature “Nuts and Bolts”. We will be summarizing the latest products within the blading world and give you a quick and easily digestible source to view the freshest products from all corners of the blading world from the last few weeks.

The BladeLife Clothing company might be one of the most consistently productive apparel brands currently involved in blading and they have just dropped some fresh new gear for you. From a clean looking windbreaker and a couple of sweet new tees, the BladeLife brand keeps the hits coming. So instead of copping that weak tee or jacket from your local chain outlet store, support a blading brand that is continually releasing hot gear and is investing back in our community. So with that being said, head over to and stock up!


Our good friends at Plastic Pushers just recently dropped their much anticipated new video Hibernat3 and they also released a sweet combo of tees and sweat shirts which were designed by the very talented graphic designer Sander op den Dries. So if you want some eye-catching new threads that will show off your everlasting love for blading, than be sure to pick up their new gear while you can at


The Too Easy brand has been on quite a tear lately with numerous collaborations with blading brands such as Them and Dead and it looks like the brand is taking the next step into creating a full length print magazine! And to stir up anticipation for their new publication, Too Easy has released some awesome new caps to keep that bed head or receding hairline of yours nice and hidden from the outside world. So be sure to add this new lid to your collection and help our homies at Too Easy in funding their awesome new print magazine.

Pick up one of their new caps here


The blading world has been impatiently waiting for the release of Antony Pottier‘s frame brand Flat Frames for quite some time and it looks like that wait will finally be over very soon! The Flat Frame company have two versions of their new 65 mm frames coming soon, one in a smooth chrome and the other in a matte black colorway. So if you have a need for speed then be sure to hit up your favorite skate shop ASAP and let them know to pre-order the new Flat Frames in large amounts!


The Adapt Brand have released some hot new items to celebrate their momentous 10 year anniversary! The brand has released several new blade models, one is their newest 10 year anniversary edition Brutale model, their newest Julian Bah signature model and even a sleek new GTB skate for famed skater and Youtube vlogger Bill Stoppard.

The Brutale model features a new and improved Nubuck v2 skin, breathable airmesh lining, a heat moldable tongue, single layered straps, waxed laces and Symetrics soul plates. They also offer customizable options such as aluminum or plastic CNC machined bolt protectors. single layered 45 degree straps, Symetrics Superfast wheels in either 60mm or 65mm sizes and your choice of either an aluminum black anodized frame or their upgraded plastic frame from Symetrics.

Adapt also released a fresh new Brutale Julian Bah signature model with several upgrades from their previous models such as a new reinforced nubuck skin made with ballistic nylon to prevent stress to the leather around the skate eyelets. The bottom set of eyelets have also been widened to allow for more pull and a tighter fit. They have also added new aluminum sixmount and torsion plates, which not only look better but are actually much lighter than their previous models which were made out of steel. The cuff area also features a new soft foam for improved comfort and fit as well as additional padding in the heel pocket as well. The outer skin also features a re-shaped leather patch which will protect your Adapts from the dreaded wear-and-tear from missed grinds and spills. The boot also features a slick looking black anodized “ghost” bolt protector and grey nubuck powerstraps.

The J-Bah boots also feature Julian’s new pro WIN wheel in a smooth 60mm 88a formula which fit perfectly into the Symetrics Alu flat frames, which feature a black anodized aluminum core. The new boots also come with a unique Julian Bah signature series plaque with every boot purchase as well! Adapt spared no expense in making their new J-Bah’s one of the hottest skates released in quite some time.

Adapt also dropped an awesome new GTB signature model for Bill Stoppard in a very unique skate package. The skate comes with the new Symetrics Combo frame that allows you to skate both a 4 x 84mm or a 3 x 100mm wheel setup. And what is most incredible, both wheel setups are fully included in the GTB package for an easy swap out! That is two full setups! How cool is that? Furthermore, the skate comes with 3D SLS printed removable sliders that can be used for stalls and slides.

On top of three hot new models, Adapt have created an awesome new book that goes into detail about the development of their ground breaking skates, team riders and skate trips! The book is definitely a great collectors piece for the die-hard Adapt rider or any blade aficionados out there.

Adapt also didn’t forget about all those peeps that are in desperate need of skate gear as they released this stylish new “Handmade” hoodie to keep you warm on those chilly skate sessions or just for curling up on the coach with your favorite skate video.

For more information visit Adapt at


The USD Skate company have just released their newest signature Aeon skate for British badass Sam Crofts and Sam’s second edition is as eye opening as his skating is! This time Sam used a skinned version to soften the look and give it a sneaker-like aesthetic. He took this further by getting rid of the 45-degree powerstrap, as Sam stated “I removed the 45-degree strap as I think waxed laces alone provides a sufficient heel lock”. The skate comes with USD Team 61mm 88A Wheels, Wicked ABEC9, height adjustable cuffs and Sam’s favorite liner, the MyFit 2nd Skin (removable, heat moldable and dual-fit).  

If you are still somehow unfamiliar with the Aeon, it has a uni-body construction. The shell, soulframe and frame are all one piece. This has the Aeon riding lower (more stable) and with less hardware (lighter weight). 

AEON 60 Sam Crofts sizing:

5.0 – 7.0 EU= 36-38 CM = 22.9-23.6

7.0-7.5 EU= 39-40 CM 24.8-25.5

8.0-9.0 EU= 41-42 CM 26.1-26.9

10.0-10.5 EU= 43-44 CM 27.5-28.2

11.0-12.0 EU = 45-46 CM 28.9-29.6

Also be sure to peep the full interview we did with Sam where he spoke about the development process of his new skate and also see some behind-the-scenes shots of his newest mind boggling promo video.

The Sam Crofts Aeon IIs are in shops as we speak and selling fast so be sure and pick up a pair before they are gone!


Roces shocked the blading world when they previewed three new brightly colored boots which many had thought would be newer versions of their popular Majestic 12 aggressive boots but instead went with a revamped FCO model which they have announced as their “92” skate releases, a nod to their iconic releases from blading’s golden age.

The new 92s come in a cool grey, black and white, a mauve and orange sherbet and a deep purple and teal colorways and the boot is 47% cornstarch-based plastic, liner padding is 100% recycled PU and the packaging is recyclable and 99% plastic-free! Way to think of Mother Earth, Roces! It is much appreciated! The new 92 skate releases will certainly be a great skate for all of those individuals that are wanting to get their cruise on and want to look especially cool and stylish in the process. We can’t wait until we start seeing some custom skate setups with these beauties as well!


The Razors Skate Company have just released their hot new Cult All Star skate which tips it’s cap to one of the classic pieces of modern footwear. The Cult All Star skate features a jet black boot with painted-white toecaps that blend perfectly into their classic white Cult soul frames. The skate comes complete with replaceable Ground Control FLT3 frames, new and improved GC 57mm/92A wheels, Razors cuffs with included buckle stash, and Razors Cult liners.

The Cult All Star is a perfect skate for either beginners or advanced skaters looking for a solid price point skate that will perform incredibly well without breaking the bank. The skates are in stores as we speak and will likely sell out super quick so be sure to copp these bad boys while you can! The Cult All Star sizing chart is listed below for more clarity.

US Sizes 6-13, including 10.5

-Size 1 – 6/7

-Size 2 – 8/9

-Size 3 – 10/11

-Size 4 – 12/13.


The Trigger Skate company have just released pictures of their first signature skate model for American pro rider, Jeff Dalnas, and the boots are looking freaking sweeeeeeeet! From the press release it states that the new boots have made some vast improvements from their previous models such as the cuff molds have been improved to protect the buckles more efficiently, the soulframe and boot molds have been modified to perfectly fit the UFS standard, the liners have been improved to reduce the size of the skate and they also include a double density insole and shock absorber to increase the comfort for a smoother riding feel. All supported by their fast and light Freerocker V2 frame, fitted with high quality 58mm/90A stock wheels with Abec 7 bearings.

Trigger is also stepping up by giving back $35 (30€) for each pair of skates sold directly to Jeff Dalnas to support him as a pro rider.

Skate sizing chart:
-40 EU / 7 US / 6 UK / 25cm
-41 EU / 8 US / 7 UK / 26cm
-42 EU / 9 US / 8 UK / 27cm
-43 EU / 10 US / 9 UK / 27.5cm
-44 EU / 10.5 US / 9.5 UK / 28cm
-45 EU / 11 US / 10 UK / 29cm

Shell sizes:
-Small : 40-41 EU / 7-8 US / 6-7 UK
-Medium : 42-43 EU / 9-10 US / 8-9 UK
-Large : 44-45 EU / 10.5-11 US / 9.5-10 UK

1670g (9 US)

The new Dalnas Trigger boots are now available for pre-order on the Trigger website at: and look to be shipping out in early July.


Kaltik Hardware has just dropped it’s newest Egor Loginov V2 signature two tone frames which come in a sweet looking marble colorway. The frames come with 16 aluminum custom oval spacers which house 8mm Kaltik axels and include aluminum bearing spacers.

The frames are available in two sizes,:

-Small-Medium (US 4-8/ UK 3-8, EU 38-42)

– Medium-Large (US 9-13, UK 8-12, EU 42-47)

The frames comes with multiple rockering options for your particular riding preference and have an optional rockering system of 10mm difference up/down. Up/down max wheel sizes of 70mm for outer wheels, 60 mm for inner wheels if rockered down and 65mm rockered up flat, max 68mm rockered down flat.
The frames are available at the Kaltik website at and in most major international skate shops so be sure to pick up a pair today!


Although it is sad to see the sudden departure of the Transit company, it looks like the creators have decided to rebrand under a new urethane and apparel company titled Bloom. Similar to Transit, Bloom aims to promote positive mental health, shine light on important organizations, and make donations that make a difference in our community.

Bloom looks to give back in a big way too, with each set of their wheels sold giving a 10% donation to that particular rider’s chosen cause in addition to each rider being paid $5.00 for each set of their wheels sold. Additionally, every sale on the Bloom site will set aside a $2 donation we add to the Bloom Skate Pool Foundation, which looks to give away brand new pairs of skates to those in need.

Bloom has already dropped a solid first line of soft goods including stylish caps, beanies, tees and hoodies and hint at their newest wheels which should be coming soon with an incredible team of riders to back up them up!

For more information be sure to hit up the Bloom site at

Bloom was inspired by, and in homage to our friend, Keaton Newsom. <3


One of the biggest piece of news in the last month has come from the 50/50 frame company in the form of their new Prime frames, feature their new Core System. 50/50 is embracing the wave of DIY skaters out there who are creating their own homemade 3d printed skate parts and really opening up a wave of possibilities for skaters everywhere to test and customize their own frames with the assistance of their open source files provided in their Core Development Kit (CDK).

Download the files, design your frame walls and send them to your 3D printer. It couldn’t be easier. The Core Development Kit (CDK) also provides a Fusion360 project with a sample flat 65m frame.

Preorders for the Prime frames are now available. The first frame featuring the Core System 2, and compatible with all CS2 walls. The frames include:

– Injection molded walls with glass filled nylon
– Extruded aluminum Core System 2 structure
– Custom single tool 8mm axles
– 250mm or 270mm wheel base
– 120mm split between wheels 2-3
– 65mm riding antirocker
– 60mm riding flat
– $120 complete (Cores, walls and hardware)
– Shipping in May

50/50 will also have two ready to roll setups available with either a flat 60mm / 90a setup or 65mm/90a urethane outer wheels with uhmw anti rocker setup. The wheels are the dependable black 50/50 urethane wheels which have a special metallic silver print to commemorate the launch of the Core System 2.

The new Freestyle walls available in two sizes and black and white. These are 3D printed out of PLA+, a strong and fast material that will hold up to the grittiest ledges. They support 65mm wheels on all skates, 72mm wheels with the right soul plates. Exclusively available on the 50/50 website, with or without hardware.

We are already seeing quite a few custom Prime frames setups being produced by developers and we can’t wait to see this just get bigger and better in the coming years! 50/50 outdid themselves with this one and we owe them a huge thank you for pushing the industry forward with such an ambitious new project.

Check out the 50/50 frames website at for more info!


The great people over at Them Skates have dropped a ton of new items including a sleek new grey 908 CommUnit-E skate which features an updated shell/boot made with Impact Resistant Plastic (TPU) material harder/tougher for added support and a more durable, longer lasting skate and a new neoprene toe for added comfort. The CommUnit-E also features their new 2.0 soul plates 2.0 with thickened interior walls and their new “Bridge Soul Plate Hardware”, which aim to make customization that much easier for all you skate setup fiends out there.

The CommUnit-E skates sizing is listed as:

-Size XS ; 5/6 US

-Size Small ; 7/8 US

-Size Medium ; 9/10 US

-Size Large ; 11/12 US

In addition to their new CommUnit-E skates, Them has also dropped a re-release of their ever popular Four Dots caps and beanies to keep that post-skate hair in check as well as some tight (literally) wax laces to throw in your favorite Them Skates or maybe customize your favorite pair of kicks.

Them has dabbled in the coffee game for awhile now and recently released a collaboration coffee mix with Brain Dead in three flavors; Dark Chocolate, Tangerine or Caramel. (50% Brazil Natural, 50% Costa Rica). Them have also released a sweet new hand crafted mug created by fellow skater Jonathan Salazar (@jonnyonthepot) which are thankfully dishwasher and microwave safe. All sizes are approximate being that they are made by hand and may vary slightly in size, shape, color. The mugs are available in a 12 oz or 4 oz version.

Visit the Them Skates site at for more info


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