USD Skates has one of the best team’s in our industry and their amateur team is filled to the brim with talent that will be leaving their mark on our community for many years to come. One of USD’s most promising prospects is none other than Spain’s Xavi Eguino ( @xavieGuino1 ). Xavi has been killing it for many years now and looks to only be getting better with each new profile he releases and the sky is the limit as far as his potential.

Xavi linked up with videographer Rafael López Maldonado, who helped to create his newest video which was filmed primarily in the blading wonderland of Barcelona. And from the looks of it, Xavi took some pretty hard slams in the filming process but he seems to be as tough as he is stylish. So peep the steezy Spaniard’s newest work and show him some love!

Edited by Rafael López Maldonado