Ryan Buchanan reached out to us for help for an OG blader, Seth Minor, who recently injured himself while skating and is facing some challenges ahead.

Seth Minor is an awesome dad, husband, friend, and just an all-around great human being.  When rollerblading was at it’s prime in the early 2000’s, so was he. People still talk about how good his style was, and his sections in old skate videos.  After a long time away from blading, he’s now getting back on skates as often as he can and getting healthy. A mutual friend put us in contact when Seth was looking for a pair of skates, and as someone who has always admired his skating, it has been an honor to be his friend and be a part of his return to the blade family. 

Which brings us to this past Sunday morning’s skate session, when Seth broke both his Tibia and Fibula, the lower leg bones below the kneecap, in his left leg. Multiple hours of surgery were required, and a few days in the hospital. 

With limited insurance, loss of income for the family, the ambulance ride, surgery, and a few days in the hospital, the family is in need of any help they can get. 

Anything you can contribute will go directly towards paying his medical bills and ongoing recovery costs.

Being that this happened so recently, we don’t know what the exact costs will be. I’ve set the goal based on the average cost for this type of injury and will adjust it as new information becomes available. 

Thank you so much for anything you can do to help!

– Chris Parks

You can contribute to Seth’s fundraiser by clicking here.