The gruesome twosome of Chad Hornish and Ryan Buchanan have just dropped the conclusion to their acclaimed “Pink” video series and the boys couldn’t have ended their latest chapter in a more dramatic fashion. As in their previous “Pink” releases, Chad & Ryan both set the bar incredibly high with their bewildering spot selections which yielded some of the heaviest stunts being thrown in many years.

And although it is sad to see such an iconic video series come to a close, we can all appreciate their hard work and dedication to providing us lasting entertainment and for elevating the sport with each new release. Regarding the filming process of “Farewell Pink“, Chad had this to say about his friend and longtime collaborator, Ryan Buchanan.

I just want to take a moment to share my appreciation for Ryan Buchanan and all he’s done for me. People don’t realize- but 99% of the times we skate and film, its just the 2 of us. No one to juice each other up but the other. Ryan has a full time life. He works a full time job and is a great Dad. Through sweat, blood and tears, I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time out of your life to sit there with me, pumping me up, and just for being a great friend.

Chad Hornish

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