The Mesmer Skates team recently set out on a tour of the Southwest regions of the United States and made pit stops in San Diego, Tucson, Albuquerque, El Paso, Phoenix & Riverside filming for their new team project appropriately titled RV There Yet?

RV There Yet? features a murderer’s row of John Bolino, Luis Corrales, Dominic Bruce, Levi Van Rijn, Gabriel Adriani, Jimmy Kobryn and Martin Danning with appearances from Billy O’Neill, Jeremy Spira and Brian Bina. The video brings back warm memories of inline skating’s “golden years” where team tours were a common occurrence and you could see what traveling the country with some of the world’s best bladers would look like. RV There Yet? shows the motley crew shredding through America’s harsh desert terrain and coming out with some of the most incredible footage you will likely see this year as well as experiencing the sense of comradery that the Mesmer team has. Enjoy!

RV There Yet ? was filmed and edited by Taylor Kobryn with additional cameras by Ryan Buchanan, Martin Danning and Jeremy Spira.