One of the most dedicated skaters, who works on getting the blading message to kids in schools, Jaren Grob, recently suffered another injury that has left him in need of your help. Read what his friend Jon Shaw, who launched the campaign, wrote: Hey everyone, our man Jaren Grob needs some help to get back on his feet, literally. Last May, in France, Jaren went down really hard and broke his shoulder and partially tore his ACL. Just this last January, he went down again and tore his other ACL completely. It has obviously been a very trying and rough last few months for him. He is undergoing surgery right now. As We all know the bills do not stop coming. Jaren is not going to be able to walk for a while trying to recover and get healthy again. Jaren is without a doubt one of the greatest In-line skaters to ever do it. He’s one of the most genuine and kind hearted people I know. If everyone would just pitch in whatever they can anything will help. We can get Jaren back blasting those huge airs and spreading the positive message to kids all over the world again. Let’s pull together and help this amazing person and legendary skater get back on his feet.

Here’s the link to the campaign, so go and chip in to reach the goal.