Tragedy has struck our community once again this weekend at the PowWow competition in Jacksonville Florida as Fritz Peitzner, long time blading professional and owner of Carriers Skate Shop in Plano Texas, sustained a massive head injury resulting in a fractured skull in three places with internal brain bleeding. Thanks to trained medical professionals, Fritz is alive and in a hospital in Florida awaiting to be moved to ICU. Fritz is constantly doing everything in his power to help those within the skating community so now it is our turn to return the favor and help him in his time of need. Believe us when we say that Fritz would do the same for you if you were in a similar position, he is one of the most giving and selfless people on this planet and we need to come together as the amazing community that we are to help our friend Fritz.

After speaking with Fritz’s mom, we have learned that the hospital bills will be in upwards of over $100,000. The cost of Fritz’s recovery will be substantial but every little bit helps and is much appreciated. Every cent donated goes directly to Fritz and his family in assisting them in his treatment and recovery.

Thank you for all your powerful prayers and positive thoughts that you are sending to Fritz and his family at this very difficult moment. Please help Fritz in any way that you can. We appreciate each and every one of you.

Please follow the GoFundMe link to make a contribution in Fritz’s recovery.

Thanks, Be-Fam! ❤️