Travel Essentials: Felix Strosetzki

Every ship needs a captain to be sailed. And every kingdom needs a king to be reigned upon.

Felix Strosetzki’s work as a photographer speaks for itself: it’s clean and precise, yet raw and intense. As our Be-Mag print photo editor he not only makes sure the best possible pictures end up in the magazine, he shot some great covers and features himself, and he also gave the magazine a new look and direction, working together with our art director Bart Laubsch.

Felix recently went to the Copenhagen Realstreet and we wanted to find out more about King Strosi`s travel essentials and his habits on the road.

Photo: Olaf Heine

Whats your destination this time and how long are you on the road?
I was flying to Copenhagen for the Realstreet competition, D-Moneys birthday and hanging with the friends! But it was just a short trip throughout the weekend with some short days and long nights.

What photogear do you usually travel with?
Always depends on what I am doing and how I am travelling. I am always bringing a Canon 5d mk2 with prime lenses (15mm fish, 28mm, 50mm & 100mm) and a Fuji XF1 partycam (okay i brought it since Dominik decided to destroy it on Roskilde this year).
When there is enough space for equipment I am bringing stuff like a tripod, a Profoto B600 battery generator, lightstands, radioslaves and so on. Theres always something to bring and/or to try out. I want to get back into the whole analogue stuff, so i might add some medium format camera to my list of equipment soon.

Favorite airport?
Berlin Tegel is my favorite airport so far… theres no international airport like TXL where you can show up that late and you can get through the security check in almost no time since every gate has its own counter and security check. Best score so far was arriving 15mins before departure and still managing to get on the plane. Plus its my base airport.

Your trick to beat jet lag?
No sleep the night before leaving, setting the clock to the destination timezone when boarding, sleeping pills on the plane and some beers with the friends when arriving!

Any travel tips/suggestions?
Always dress nice, people treat you in a complete different way.
Label your stuff, its really useful for stuff like chargers, cables and all those things.
Use a bag with a special color, so you will not get in trouble with the thousands of other black bags that look like yours.

Roll or fold clothes?
None! I start with folded clothes but somehow I always end up with a total mess and just stuff everything somehow in my bag – I am a very chaotic guy.
But fortunately my travelbag forgives me a lot.

Travel Essentials?

Canon 5d Mk2 with lenses (15mm, 28mm, 50mm & 100mm)
Pouch: For all the loose things like cables, memorycards, batterychargers, Cardreader & Travelbackup.
Stunnashades with optical glasses: Important since I am blind without.
Passport: Not neccessary within the EU, but always handy as a backup.
Partywallet: For the essential stuff, doesnt matter if you lose it.
Earplugs: For everybody who shares a room with me.
Traveltowel: I really hate it when 10 guys share a towel since everybody forgets to bring one.
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Extrapair of shoes Always a comfortable and a nice pair.
Notebook: For notes, postcards, citymaps and other memorable stuff.
One set of clothes: I am happy that i found a store that still has Ucon Boxers in stock.
Uzi: Or something that is comparable stupid.
All packed into my beloved Northern Face Duffle Bag: Make sure to get a flashy color.

Back in the days i always brought a shitlot of stuff always (Laptop, Backup HDD, flashes, more clothes than i never really needed and/or used), so I really try to cut it down and keep it simple and focus on the important stuff and easy travelling. The times of cheating 25kg as carry-on to the plane are over…