Introduction and Photos | Jonathan Labez | @JMLabez

The world is a dramatically different place than it was when the Be-Mag Pop up studio set up shop for Winterclash. The days felt tangible and binding; we knew tomorrow would offer possibilities around every street corner and adventure with every stride of our skates. What replaced it was a questioning of the world outside ever returning to normalcy; plans postponed, economies dissolved, persons displaced, the outside world off-limits.

Despite the worldwide quarantine, connections have flourished and sprawled across every line separating us all. From a single infection, bonds have galvanized millions of people to do things they’d never have done and the internet has become the core it ways always meant to be. It has brought us all together in a way no other force has. Even for a sport centered around collective communities engaging each other regularly, it’s unprecedented. Live feeds, social engagement beyond memes, and controversy, video chats have emerged to show just what community means to us. It highlights the socializing we all yearn for and the importance it holds to our identities. We’re staring through the microscope and seeing what makes us, us.

When we all come out of our isolationist islands, let’s remind ourselves of this revelation. The better days we had and the better days to come. Winterclash will return, our friends and family ties will be strengthened. That day can’t come soon enough.

— Jonathan Labez, Photo Editor and Art Director

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