The beautiful Chris Dafick started a fundraiser to help the funding for Miguel Ramos’ back surgery. We invite you all to help Miguel, by contributing here.
This is what Chris has to say about Miguel and his struggle.
If you know Miguel, then I don’t need to tell you how kind hearted, caring, motivating and loving he is. He is the most positive influences I have me in my life with a constant hunger for inspiring and helping those around him. But like I said if you know him then this nothing you are not aware of.
If you don’t know Miguel then let me tell you a little bit about him. Miguel has been working at Woodward West, motivating and inspiring campers of all ages to push the limits, have fun, and stay healthy. Helping both children and adults grow, both mentally and physically. Before Woodward he came from his beautiful home of Puerto Rico, where he managed to organize, fund and construct on of the best skateparks on the island. Back in the states he also helped organize, run and support skate contests… The ramps built at all the blade cup events… That was him too.
He has been the backbone of our industry for years and now its time to have his back and lend some help.
As many of you know Miguel has had back problems for many years, even though you would never hear him complain about it, it has gotten to the point where surgery was a necessity. Being in excruciating pain, but still managing to work all week, drive out to whatever event or session going down, get the homies all together and motivated to get out and skate.
He recently went into surgery and is currently going through the early stages of recovery, with lots of hard work and healing ahead of him. When I spoke with him recently I saw him very overwhelmed and stressed financially when all the medical bills began to relentlessly come in. Seeing my friend in physical pain, and being bombarded with bills and expenses was too much. Already being hit with nearly $10,000 in medical bills and more on the way, I thought a goal of 8,000 could be met but if we could out do that it would be absolutelty amazing. I know for a fact that like myself there are hundred of people who love Miguel, and would do anything to help on his road to recovery.
If you have anything you can contribute to help pay for his very heavy medical expenses I know that it would mean the world to him and to his family.
If you dont have any extra funds to help, thats okay too. But reaching out to him or even writing a memory that you shared with him would help him just as much.

Thank you so much for your love and help.
Salut Hermano.
We love you Miguel