THEM Skates has just released an incredible new documentary titled “THEM NOW” which stars THEM Skates founder and blading icon Jon Julio and also features the THEM Skates extended family such as as Alex Broskow, Sean Darst, John Bolino, Gregory Preston, Miguel Camino, John Vossoughi, Chuck Cauton, Randy Spizer, Kyle Sola, Marius Gaile and Gavin Drumm and was shot and edited by the multi-talented videographer extraordinaire Ivan Narez.

The documentary follows Jon’s unique lifestyle and he gives us some insight into running THEM, which shows his busy schedule at work, him enjoying some street sessions with his teammates, while also giving a retrospective of his professional career which has now spanned an incredible twenty-five years.

“THEM NOW” is a beautiful look into the life of one of blading’s most dedicated and hard working individuals and shows the level of passion and commitment that Jon has for the blading culture and community and also shows just how far THEM Skates has come in such a relatively short amount of time. Here is an inspiring excerpt from Jon taken from “THEM NOW” .

Growing up, first I got addicted to the skating, then I got addicted to the culture, then I got addicted to design, I found this whole passion through this whole thing, you know? I want to be involved with it, I wanted to be sponsored, I wanted to travel, I wanted to meet more people, it all encompasses this whole culture. And within the culture, I look forward to doing more and more and more and in order for me to find a home within this whole thing, is to obviously to make money in skating and be a part of an exciting project or be a part of an exciting company or a group of people, that is the main goal for this whole company, is just to support skaters, support skating.

Jon Julio


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