2022 has been an incredible year for rollerblading, partly because of the return of some of our sports most legendary skaters coming back into the fray & honestly skating better than ever. One of those examples is the Puerto Rican icon, Abdiel Colberg. For those new to the game, Abdiel burst onto the skating scene in the 90’s “golden age” of blading and helped to set the standard for technicality & style during that period. As Joe Navran so famously said about Abdiel in the classic video “Future of Rollerblading 2”, “Everything that he does is textbook perfect”. And he wasn’t wrong. At a time when blading was still in it’s developing stages, Abdiel brought a refinement and precision that were unmatched.

Now fast forward to today, more than two decades have passed since they filmed that legendary profile and Abdiel has returned to the blading spotlight with his newest “B.O.D” or “Blading On Demand” profile, which was produced by the always impressive Paul Moulier. In the video, you can see that Abdiel’s skating has not regressed one bit over time and if anything, he seems to be skating stronger than ever.

Abdiel also brought his friends along for the ride and the new B.O.D also features some of Puerto Rico’s best skaters such as Miguel Ramos, Paul Moulier, Juan G. “Dino” Sánchez, Christian Placeres, Eric Díaz, Freddy Soto, Jonathan Soto, Michael Goffredi, Welvin Cruz, Jesús Rivera, Omar Lugo and Alejandro Vélez as well as appearances from Jon Ortiz, Randy “Roadhouse” Spizer, Ariel Surun and Austin Paz.

To purchase the B.O.D click on the picture below or follow the link here.