Cody Lampman ( @codydavidlampman ) has linked up with the equally talented Mike Torres for an inspiring new profile titled ‘The Imposter‘, which is presented by Them Skates. After being a “free agent” for some time now it looks like Cody has joined the extended Them Skates family, which is incredible news as he is one of blading’s most inspiring and inventive skaters currently rolling.

And as always, Mr. Mike Torres has done a superb job behind the lens and in the editing process, as he highlights Cody’s powerful skating he also displays an uncanny ability to bring out the most of the environment and obstacles that he is filming. From distant landscapes of the city, the rust from a discarded furnace, to the gleam in the eye of the skater as he passes by, all are those magical moments that Mike adds in which bring so much depth and artistry to the videos he creates.

And as far as the skating is concerned, Cody is a true master that progresses with each new video that we are blessed with. His amazing technical abilities paired with his unique eye for spot selection helps to make ‘The Imposter’ a profile that you will likely have in your normal video rotation until Cody blesses us with another gem to puzzle over and study.