Bobi Spassov has just dropped “Project: Candy“, which is the promo video for his newest signature model skate from Roces and in his new profile he shows off his vibrant new boots and also his diverse skill set with some jaw dropping park and street skating shots. Bobi has been at the forefront of freestyle blading for quite sometime now, with a trend setting trick selection & emphasis on stylish execution & “Project: Candy” shows Bobi at his absolute best yet.

Bobi’s street profiles have grown in their amplitude and somehow have also become more stylistically refined with each new release and his editing skills have grown parallel to his skating prowess as well. And most importantly, “Project: Candy” also showcases the strong connection that Bobi has with the younger generation of skaters whom he mentors & the strong Israeli skate scene & the amazing friends that have helped Bobi achieve international fame. So peep Bobi & friends in their newest video production and be sure to pick up a pair of Bobi’s newest Roces boots which will be hitting stores soon!

Edited by: Bobi Spassov & Eryk Pilch

Camera Operators: Eryk Pilch, Omri Baum & Nir Tuvia

Photography: Cody Lampman, Shira Darf, Omri Baum & Eryk Pilch