Our good friend Cavin Brinkman dropped one of the most anticipated videos in quite sometime when he released Plastic Pushers 3 last year and just when we started to ease off on the binge watching he decides to drop Plastic Pushers 3.5, which is a compilation of extra clips that didn’t quite make the full length video but were still too good to let them collect “digital dust”. Hopefully this new montage will help tide you over until Cav drops the fourth edition of his popular video series.

Plastic Pushers 3.5 features the skating talents of Clement Boucau, Lucas Spenle, Erik Droogh, Matthijs van Kleij, Jeroen Wullems, Pail Ruksa, Luca Gobbo, Adriaan Poortmans, Vladimir Kocherga, Lennert Goormans, Pascal Tan, Francesco Fama, Davy Wouda, Sem Croft, Sebastiaan van Wijk, Vivien Butot, Wisse Ankersmit, Dominik Wagner, Levi van Rijn, Randy Abels, cody Lampman, Marnix Haak, Patrick Smith, Hadrien Bastouil, Nolan Charbonnier, Stan Kogutyak, Cavin Brinkman, Claudio Bohli, Reto Burgin, Dean Bradley, Jeremy Fanfaron, Freddy White, Chris Calkins, Victor Daum, Hayden Ball, Yves Maurer, Chris Farmer, Eugen Enin, Billy Murton, Zack Pollak, Mozes den Blanken and Jon Fromm.