Roskilde Festival 2016: Riderlist Announced

The legendary Roskilde Festival place will be taking place in just a few weeks now, and we got a chance to take a look at the exclusive list of bladers who will take part into the blading shows this year! As you can see below, the 2016 line-up looks just as exciting as the 183 artists & bands who will be playing Roskilde’s 9 stages, so you better stay tuned onto Be-Mag to follow all the action with our daily hungover reports & photos!

Richie Eisler – Canada
Montre Livingston – USA
David Edward Sizemore – USA
Remy Meister – Belgium
Dominik Wagner – Germany
Felix Fälling – Denmark
Jacob Juul Pedersen – Denmark
Joshua Drake Glowicki – USA
Jeremy Suarez – Belgium
Jonas Hansson – Denmark
Alexander James Burston – UK
Dominic Bruce – Scotland
Scott Quinn – Scotland
David Lang – USA
Nicholas Lomax – UK
Christopher Farmer – USA
Timm Kittlitz – Germany
Joe Atkinson – England
Christopher Dafick – USA
Igor Jovanovic – Sweden
Frederik Kofoed-Sørensen – Denmark
Ralf Monnerup – Denmark
Melissa Brown – USA
Bibiche Klaasse – Netherlands
Soichiro Kanashima – Japan
Michael Pedersen – Denmark
Tom Ahlqvist – Denmark
Mathias Silhan – France
Nikolas Belka – Germany
Erik Bailey – USA
Laura Hemming – UK
Bartlomiej Laubsch – Germany
Gavin Drumm – Australia
Theodor Reumert – Denmark
Elliot Stevens – UK
Dano Gorman – Ireland
Carson Starnes – USA
Friederike Reisch – Germany
Johannes Zenk – Germany
Mery Munoz – Spain
Anders Rishøj – Denmark
Chris Berg – Denmark
Malte Husted – Denmark

roskilde 2016 - 1

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