Roskilde Festival 2016: Live Update #2

Day 6 and the rest of the world is starting to feel like a distant memory. Waking up in the sweaty tent once again after a long night of festival parties on the opening night of the main Roskilde event. These short nights and blury hangover mornings are starting to become part of your daily routine whilst you try and piece together your life after a heavy night…


Words: Laura Hemming
Photography: Colm Moore

At this point in the festival everyone is starting to dig deep into their energy reserves to stay on some sane level of human after 5 nights in a shanty town tent city and waking up with headaches each morning – but that doesn’t stop the people of Roskilde. You could feel the electricity start to generate through the crowds as the rest of the festival goers descended to the event for the main acts and the fields started the fill up more with a sea of sunburnt faces.

Last night was a hazy night of beautiful people, lots of rum, incredible live music and pure happiness everywhere your looked. The act of the day for me had to be Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Standing half way into the sea of faces with everyone singing along to classic Chilli numbers for the last 30 years was surreal. If there’s one more thing I learnt about Roskilde last night it’s that when you loose everyone in what feels like an impossible sea of a million people, your friends always have a way of coming back to you. There’s no better feeling than being reunited with the crew after getting lost in the streams of Roskilde madness.

For now everyone is just about pro at learning to deal with these morning headaches and power through with a coffee or another Tuborg. 3 more nights of incredible music ahead and listening to the infamous ‘Oyo yo yo‘ chant at silly o’clock in the morning, let’s hope the rain holds of!

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