Ed Braxton: 2015 Profile

The streets of Philadelphia have seen this guy rip for a long time, and it sure is a pleasure to watch OG blader Ed Braxton kill it as he’s always done in this new piece! Filmed and edited by Tyler Knight, this 2015 profile features some solid blading and a constant stream of great tricks, where bangers are laced one right after the other has Eddie B gets straight down to business. Watch it now, and keep an eye on the latest addition to the New York scene!

No matter where you go, or what you do, there will always be that person robbed for their talents, an unsung hero. If you’ve ever spent some time in the Philadelphia blade scene, then chances are you know about Ed Braxton.
Loved by everyone he meets, Ed is a true inspiration on and off the skates. He has a drive to conquer anything in his path, and his badass, fast skating is a prime example of that. Yet, for some reason, he always stayed hidden in the shadows of Philadelphia. Good luck up there homie, New York doesn’t even know what they just got hit with yet.

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