Stuntman extraordinaire and blading’s perennial bad boy, Ben Weis, was recently featured as a guest on Mike Powell‘s “The Powell Movement” podcast” and the result is one of the most wild treks down memory lane you will come across. Ben details his dysfunctional life growing up in Minnesota, his life as a competitive rollerblader, his eventual loss of his skating career and how that led him to the dark void of drug addiction.

The rapport that Ben and Mike have is deeply rooted, as Mike Powell was Ben’s team manager when he was riding professionally for K2 skates, so Mike was a firsthand witness to many of Ben’s infamous shenanigans. The interview sounds like they were cut straight from a Mötley Crüe biopic!

It is great to hear Ben is in a good place currently being that he is a free man, is clean and sober and working to start a family. If there ever was a blading podcast that was required listening, this is the one!

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