The country of Mexico has produced many incredible inline skaters over the years but few have had the high level of skating and longevity as Monterey native Walter Sanchez. I met Walter years ago when he came up to compete for the Texas Skate Series competitions and even though there was a slight language barrier, Walter was very approachable and humble and one whose skating was astoundingly technical with a confidence that was extremely enviable. For Walter, no trick seemed too difficult, no rail too high or line too daunting. If you follow him on social media you know that Walter has had a storied past of absolutely demolishing everything in front of him for a very long time and he doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon. On top of his natural skating talents, Walter is also an accomplished photographer and videographer as well as a loving and devoted family man. We wanted to get to know more about Walter so we are proud to present to you Walter Sanchez’ Top 5.

Top 5 skate videos

1.- Kizer Outsiders

2.- KFC – A Collective Consciousness

3.- 4×4 – Leading the Blind

4.- Mindgame – Bang!

5.- Razors – EGO

Soyale. Photo: Adal Pacheco, @adal_pacheco

Top 5 favorite Remz skates 

1.- Remz 07 One

2.- Remz Haffey 2011

3.- Remz Haffey 04 LE

4.- Remz HR 1.2

5.- Remz 06 One

Acid to royale transfer. Photo: Adal Pacheco, @adal_pacheco

Top 5 Mexican food dishes

1.- Carne asada

2.- Sopes

3.- Flautas con guacamole

4.- Tacos de bistek

5.- Sopa de tortilla

True Mizou. Photo: Adal Pacheco, @adal_pacheco

Top 5 vacation spots

1.- The cenotes in Yucatan

2.- The waterfalls in San Luis Potosi

3.- The jungle in Chiapas

4.- The beach in Jalisco

5.- The rivers and mountains in my state

Top 5 things to do when not skating

1.- Be with my family

2.- Go camping

3.- Go to the river

4.- Climb the mountains

5.- Watch interesting movies

Top 5 skate spots in Monterrey

1.- The old straight rail I put in the colony where I was born

2.- Down rail Metro station Alameda

3.- Straight ledge Hospital 28

4.- All spots in downtown Monterrey

5.- All spots of the Monterrey soccer stadium

Top 5 photographers

1.- Enrique Zepeda

2.- Pak Rodriguez

3.- Busta

4.- Konoske

5.- Moore

Top 5 things that annoy you

1.- People skate more skatepark than street skate

2.- Music without good lyrics

3.- That things are messy

4.- That things are dirty

5.- That there are no new bladers in my country

Farfegnugen. Photo: Hugo Mares

Top 5 musicians/bands

1.- El Chojin

2.- Tote King

3.- Nach

4.- Sharif

5.- SFDK

Back royale to topacid transfer.Photo: David Garza, @g4rz4

Top 5 favorite sports (besides blading)

1.- Snowboard

2.- Skateboard

3.- BMX

4.- Surfing

5.- Baseball

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