The boys over at BladerGang went down to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico last year to film this incredible video with an all-star cast of skaters such as Korey Waikiki, Chad Hornish, Tim Franken, Oscar Sosa, Pablo Munoz, Erick Rodriguez and Mexico’s secret weapon, Walter Sanchez. The decision to film the project in Monterrey was a perfect choice as you can see from the finished product that the plethora of spots that the city has to offer makes for a blader’s wet dream and the perfect location for a refreshing video.

The Gang came back with one hell of an entertaining video which E. Rod has now released in 3 separate parts for your viewing pleasure! So check out what the boys threw down and be sure to support B.G so they can continue to produce awesome original content like this one.

Photos by: Walter Sanchez, @w.sanchez88

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