My first meeting with Jimmy Cisz was back in 2015 at the Panhandle PowWow in Jacksonville, Florida. I had seen some internet clips of him here and there but until that time I had never had the chance to actually skate with him in person. I remember sitting at the bottom of Kona’s mammoth 14 foot vert ramp with my jaw on the ground watching Jimmy skate that beast like it was a driveway mini-ramp. His coping skills showed that he was obviously quite comfortable skating transitions, regardless of how awkward or intimidating the obstacle may be. He also possesses one of the most unique styles in all of blading, which could be compared to a drunken Shaolin monk with his uncanny flexibility and slight Sagona-esque steeze.

But in addition to all of Jimmy’s natural talent, there lies a man who is extremely dedicated and possesses an internal drive to fulfill his dream of becoming a bonafide blading professional like his idols before him. Even though blading may not be the most reliable source of income currently, Jimmy has all of the skills and know-how to do whatever he sets his mind to and be successful.

So without further delay, we are proud to present, Jimmy Cisz.

Hey Jimmy, thanks for taking the time to speak with us. So just to start tell me where you are from, how long you have been skating and how did you first get started into blading?

I’m 29 years old born in New York grew up in Florida, been blading since 1998. I got started when my father built me two wooden ramps for my bike. I was too nervous to ride them on a bike so I strapped on my rollerblades, figured it out, and it was love ever since. It was 1998 and I thought I was inventing my own tricks.

That is awesome that your parents were supportive of your skating, considering some parents are kind of hesitant to support it because it is a dangerous lifestyle.

Yeah, they are very supportive. They hope that I can make it into something. They have always been 100% on my side though. Even with how irrational skating seems and the money is always tight.

They probably see that you are able to experience a life that most people don’t get to. Skating is unique in that it gives us reason to travel to random locations just to skate with friends or even complete strangers and experience a life that few others get to.

Yes, dude, absolutely! I think about this all the time. I couldn’t compare my life with anyone’s. I’m on a path. It’s all about sacrifice. If you live life like this, you ultimately sacrifice a lot of comforts and stability. I just hope my skating inspires people to just go skate now and love it as much as I do.

Since we are on the topic about inspiring others. Who were your biggest influences within skating, both past and currently?

One of my biggest skating style influences was my local park pro, Franky Morales. At a young age I was inspired personally by Randy Spizer, Dre Powell, Aaron Feinberg, Brian Aragon, John Bolino, Chris Haffey, Cody Porche and Cameron Card.

So you are just wrapping up your last few days at the skate mecca that is Woodward. So you have been working at Woodward for awhile now, right?

Heck yeah man, been doing that every summer for 13 years. I’ve been up here now for 8 weeks and I mainly just instruct parkour stuff cause they don’t offer a rollerblading camp. I’ve been working at Woodward for over 10 years as a lead in recreation for the youth. My job is different this year due to Corona, but I usually coordinate events for kids. Woodward is great to show that we’re still alive and it has definitely helped me dial in my park and street skating.

Do you ever take off days while you are there or do you pretty much skate every day on your downtime?

Every single weekend I go out and skate street. The last two I’ve gone to Maryland to the Compound. I get one day off which is Saturday then I only have a late shift Sunday. In the past 2 years I’ve been diving into downhill and distance skating. I practice my blading stuff on the tramps a lot also.

So you have been one of the most dedicated skaters riding on Remz skates and you have been for a very long time. How long have you been riding Remz for now?

I’ve been riding Remz since the first Haffeys came out in 2004, I traded my Razors bloody Murdas for a pair and was in love ever sense. I have a sizing issue with my feet and one is a tiny bit bigger then the other and I can’t jump from 9-10. Remz is the only thing that feels right. Although I do want to try a pair of the new Trigger skates. I really like the soul plates on them and the way they treat their riders. Plus them working in multiple sports is pretty cool too.

What kind of advise would you give to some aspiring young readers out there?

It would be cool to encourage people to open up to riding with other sports, it really helped me grow as a skater; skill wise and mentality. I would advise them to stop the negativity and hate and move ahead. Other sports inspire me because of their outside perspective, I’ve been skating 20 years and they could think of a new trick or a different way to hit a spot. Collaboration is growth. I’m pumped because if it wasn’t for the scooter dudes I’ve been riding with none of my clips would of been filmed and I wouldn’t of seen any of these crazy street spots. They’ve been helping out a lot!

Double shot with pro skooter rider Logan Fuller

I know that you are extremely active and you seem to be taking your skating very seriously. Is taking your skating to a professional level your end goal?

Yeah, I have dreams of touring and skating professionally like the pros before me. I want to bring a unique style to spots that motivates people to skate. I’m interested in all forms of rollerblading (specially downhill and distance) and interested in connecting with all any any action sport.

I don’t really have a direction in blading right now so it’s been chill. I’m really motivated to go pro I don’t really know how, but I know I got it in me to really drop some good skating with some direction. I had Long (Tonthat) hook me up with Tufr and they were pushing to get me a wheel but I think it kinda fell apart, they really were taking care of me. Got me the skates I’m riding now. Thank you dude. My biggest goal is just to inspire people to go and skate and I am not trying to get sucked into some crazy industry shit. Just good solid skating and touring.

That is awesome. So skating is obviously your major passion but do you do anything else that you are interested in?

Fishing, but I kinda keep that on the low since it tends to offend people Haha. It is the times, I guess. Fishing is so different from skating, it is really hard but it is awesome. We clean fish and crab and shrimp at home and live a little more off the land. I have a fishing page too but it’s new. Other then that I love to kick it with my family. My Dad is my biggest inspiration for life. I love my friends. They push me to be better.

Alright Jimmy, I think that is a great place to call it! Thank you so much for taking the time to do the interview. Is there anyone that you would like to thank?

Shouts out to the ones helping me get my content such as Logan Fuller, Dustin Locy, Olivia Monk, Casey Strickland. Thank you to to Grayson at Tufr Wheels, he has really helped me out so much. Ooo yeah and forgot to throw Josiah Blee in there. He even sent me a pair of blades once when I needed it.

Be sure to follow Jimmy on social media (IG= @rollerstreet_miami), to stay up-to-date on all of his incredible videos and pics.