Top 5: Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith has been killing it since day 1. Known for his incredibly effortless looking blading, he will receive his very first Pro Skate from quality skate manufactures Valo this summer. Not only is he a great example of a Pro but he is also one of the most skilled photographers in the industry. Currently Brandon is hard at work filming for his new section in Valo’s next video “V”.
We are proud to have him as our first person doing the “Top 5”
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Top 5 Gadgets I use the most right now

– Computer for working on photos
– Western digital external hard drive for storing photos
– No name compact flash reader for off loading photos
– 128mb travel thumb drive that I had for 12 years but Ivan lost the first day I let him borrow it
– Occasionally I use my Iphone to check the weather
Top 5 motorcycles of all time
– 1952 HD K Model
– 1936 Harley Davidson EL
– Panhead chopper
– Shovelhead chopper
– The one with two wheels
Top 5 video parts
– Bailey Heat Team Video
– JJ Dyna Remix
– Jon Bolino Pariah
– Petty WDYBI
– Alex Broskow Voodoo Show
Top 5 bladers
– Alex Broskow
– Erik Bailey
– Jon Bolino
– Chris Haffey
– Jeff Stockwell and plenty more
Top 5 cities
– San Francisco
– New York
– Sydney
– Rome
– Barcelona
Top 5 words to describe Erik Bailey
– Cool
– Genuine
– Respectable
– American
– Badass motherfucker
Top 5 items of photo equipment I have ever purchased
– Stylus epic
– Film scanner
– Pentax k1000
– Roll of gaffers tape
– Tri-X 35mm

Top 5 worst things that happened to me while filming for video part
– Running out of time
– Camera equipment stolen
– Crashed hard drive with footage
– Broken body parts
– Getting kicked out
Top 5 things about living in Long Beach
– Living 2 blocks from the beach, but never going there
– Everything is within walking distance
– Taqueria’s plenty
– Centrally located
– Blue line metro straight to LA
Top 5 on the bucket list
– Ride a motorcycle cross country
– Live in the city of San Francisco
– Go Camping in Alaska
– Learn how to play the guitar
– Become an expert at something and be referred to as an expert of that thing
Top 5 movies
– American Beauty
– Blow
– Hells Angles on Wheels
– Animal Kingdom
– Christmas Vacation
Top 5 websites
Top 5 ways to spent 5$
– 1 gallon of gas
– California burrito
– Kodak b&w film
– Paperback book
– Hella chicken flavored ramen
Top 5 things to worry about
– How to get your next $5
– Your health
– Leaving your house with the lights on
– Running out of gas in the middle of nowhere because you underestimated the mileage
– What people think about you on the internet
brandon smith - top 5 - be-mag
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