Robbie Pitts has just dropped his newest visual experience titled SK8HARD3000 and once again Robbie has outdone himself and turned the collective blading world on it’s head. To start, you know that if a video opens with a warning stating it contains possible seizure triggers for those with photosensitivity epilepsy, that you are in for a wild ride! Robbie’s newest video is similar to his most recent video release FULL SPIRAL in that it bends the rules of customary “core aggressive skating” and pushes the boundaries of what is possible on 8 bit…I mean 8 wheels. 😉

SK8HARD3000 shows our hero Robbie burning through the night on the crowded streets of Los Angeles California pulling some wild mushroom-esque blade moves that only a man with Robbie’s imagination could concoct and a person of his skill level could execute. The OTTO NOVO film was directed & edited by Robbie himself with the camera operator responsibilities landed in the capable hands of Jon Jenkins. ( ) and breath taking still photography provided by Brandon Smith ( )

Photos: Brandon Smith, @brandonsmith8

You can peep the full audio visual experience at