The 2020 Pow-Wow competition made it’s much anticipated return to Kona Skatepark this year and despite some heavy adversity in the form of the Covid-19 pandemic, the show still went on and we are highlighting some of the colorful characters that made the Pow-Wow‘s return extra special.

This time around we spoke with Rollerbender owner and Skate for Autism organizer Angela Bender, about her personal experience at the event and why this event is unlike any other competition being held in inline skating. Here is what Angie had to say!

Considering all of the multiple events that Pow-Wow holds, what do you look most forward to during the Pow-Wow weekend?

I was super amped on the In-line Cross event because 1) That snake run is INCREDIBLE and 2) NO RULES. 


The Pow-Wow and Kona staff added many incredible new features to the park for the event. What was your favorite obstacle to skate or most enjoyable to watch?

The Roll Her United huge cannon and fun box was great to watch. The Konjure wall to coping for best trick was MASSIVE and was super enjoyable to watch. 

 The state of Florida is well known for producing infamous stories. What is the wildest thing you experienced while visiting Jacksonville?

I was in bed pretty early for most nights. I mean, I had my fun 😉 But there were brutal crashes, unforgettable moments with rollerblading celebrities and stories about strip clubs that made this Pow-Wow a memorable one for me. 

Angela and the girls enjoying a nice break in the shade.

Since you have a first person account of being at the event during the initial days of the Corona virus escalating, how did that affect the overall atmosphere of the event in comparison to previous Pow-Wow‘s or events that you have been to?

Everyone was super conscientious of being clean and careful. I felt nothing but support and understanding among the Pow-Wow community. 

From each of the events (amateur, female and pro) who were your favorite skaters to watch during this Pow-Wow competition?

I always enjoy watching Chynna perform. Her precision knows no bounds and she gives anyone, male or female a run for their money. Naturally she snatched first place in the women’s open! I always love watching Grant Hazelton and Shredpool skate as well. Montre is the G.O.A.T!!!!

Camp Pow-Her. Bladies Welcome.
Camping essentials with Angela Bender

Our good friend Fritz Peitzner was seriously injured at the Pow-Wow event. In your opinion do you think making the athletes wear a helmet to compete should be a requirement going forward or leave the decision in the hands of the individual? 

I believe all adults have the ability and right to make their own decision on this. But you only have one brain and one injury can change your life forever. I am guilty of not wearing a helmet but I certainly promote always wearing your helmet while skating.

 Did you have a chance to skate the terrifying Kona skatepark vert ramp? Yes, no or hell no? 

I walked on the bottom and top of it but I am in no shape to drop in on that vert. I don’t think many played on that thing all weekend. It’s a MONSTER.

I am sure there were so many noteworthy moments from the event but what was your favorite moment from this year’s Pow-Wow?

The sight of rollerbladers coming together to help build a whole DIY section right after they landed from hours of flying…The camaraderie, the passion and the love that resonated all over camp was something that will stay with me forever.  

What makes the Pow-Wow different than other blading events that you have been to?

There seems to be more “chill time” where people sit and really get to know each other on a more personal level. It’s a connection that many people need in their lives. 

Some of the amazing women of Pow-Wow.

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