The blading resurgence is in full swing and with all of the rejuvenated energy flying around there also comes with it some incredible new products from some of blading’s longest running and most dedicated brands as well as new brands that are creating ground breaking products to fit all of your blading desires.

So we have decided to highlight some of our industry’s hot new items in our newest feature “Nuts and Bolts”. We will be summarizing the latest products within the blading world and give you a quick and easily digestible source to view the freshest products from all corners of the blading world from the last few weeks.

Fresh off the heals of the much anticipated Brian Shima 20th anniversary skate release, Razors skates have also dropped some beautiful new graphite colored Cult skates with clean mint accents on the shell and stock liners and the always solid GC FeatherLite 3 frames and Razors 56mm/90A wheels. The skate is reminiscent of the classic EscoZoo models that have been highly coveted for years, so this will be a welcome addition to your collection for all you Cult enthusiasts out there.

There has even been recent sightings of Razors newest light grey Shifts which were previewed in their new promo which was released featuring Texas wonderboy Andrew Broom and produced by Anthony Medina. Although the skates sadly aren’t Andrew’s pro model boot, they still look quite clean and the Shift is still a solid boot in Razors new line which has multiple different models on the market for whatever your skating preference is.

The new grey Shifts come stock with Reign’s newest V3HT liners (more info below), wax laces, Ground Control‘s famous Featherlite 3 Frames, 62mm 90A wheels with Abec 9 bearings included and with plastic anti-rockers and a cushy Shift/SL heelpad to keep your feet feeling nice and kushy! Razors also added an additional eyelet that is said to improve the overall fit and responsiveness, while locking your heels firmly down and reducing the dreaded heal lift you get while skating and jumping.

The new grey Shifts are currently available for pre-order so be sure and hit up your favorite local shop to get on that list.


Reign have just released their newest liner offering titled the V3 HT. The liners have a few slight modifications from their previous model, such as a raised Achilles dip to allow use with higher cut skate cuffs. The liners also offer additional padding in the ankle and tongue areas for more support and helps to extend the life of the liner as well. They have also eliminated some excess materials which present a cleaner and more appealing look. Similar to its predecessor the HT includes a neoprene toe cap for a more personalized fit, form fitting tongue, rubber heel patch to decrease heel lift, lycra inner-lining, tri-lacing, and a handy-dandy carrying strap. If previous Reign liners might have been too short cut for your liking, than the new and improved V3 liner should fit your needs much better.


Blading superhero Montre Livingston has just been given his third pro model skates from USD in the form of a sexy red and white Sway shell, with matching MyFit liners and a Monkey King theme, which honors Montre’s grandmother, who gave Montre that nickname at a young age because of his penchant for flipping around constantly. The boots will match perfectly with Montre’s recently released signature Create Original frames, which also sport the Monkey King design and colorway. The skates are also a throwback and salute to USD icon Rachard Johnson, who was a huge inspiration for Montre (and countless others) growing up.

The new Montre boots are scheduled to be available this month so be sure to add them to your Christmas wish list and hopefully all your naughty deeds will be conveniently overlooked this year.

On top of the Montre Sways, USD has also released pictures of their newest Sam Croft‘s second pro Aeon skates which features the same popular Aeon unibody construction but with a full upgrade and revamp of the classic skate. The new Croft 2s feature a real suede skin top and their highly anticipated second generation Aeon cuff. The new suede skin is double stitched along its’ contours and extra reinforced with a dense overstitch and rivets at the high stress points. The skate also features Sam’s pro Myfit Second Skin liner, waxed hockey style laces, an upgraded thicker shock absorber, high speed UHR (Ultra High Rebound) wheels and Abec 7 Wicked Bearings.


Vibralux have just released a sweet new winter line and their new gear is sure to keep you looking clean AF while you are out skating or barricaded in your room away from the madness that is the outside world. The Vibralux boys dropped a fresh new lightweight, two toned pullover windbreaker, a hand-sewn wool baseball cap with the infamous VX on the front and a vintage jersey which proudly displays their world champ blading status, a comfy looking longsleeve and a hot neon 90’s throwback tee that honors blading’s colorful roots. Support one of the longest running and hardest working brands in the game and copp some of Vibralux’s new line now!


The U.K based company Sliqx have released pics of their newest Aeon soul plate wings which are made to extend the life or just add a little extra zip to your USD Aeon skates. After extensive testing over the last year, the guys at Sliqx have their new souls in production as we speak and they will be available in early 2021.


Them Skates and the Official Sunday Brunch crew have just released their newest collaboration in the form of a 909 Them shell, the new Them flat frames and the most official of Official Sunday Brunch wheels which come in a size 56mm and a 90a hardness. The Brunch crew also released some classy looking 96 inch wax skate laces adorned with a Official Sunday Brunch text and a full line of tees that tip their cap to some of blading’s classic brands such as Senate, Fiction clothing and Medium wheels.


Them also released a collaboration with the TooEasy LBC company which has their proven Them 909 boot hooked up with Too Easy X ThemGoods collaboration wheels which are a neon yellow, Magic 8 ball theme that come in a size of 56mm and a hardness of 90a, which look extra proper placed in Them’s new flat frames. Be sure to pick up one of TooEasy LBC‘s sweet new tees to round out your purchase as well!


The Tru Apparel company out of the U.K has been consistently releasing stylish gear for years and they have just released some clean new hoodies in time for the cold winter days and some classic shirts and tank top shirts for those bright and sunny days as well.


RollerBender is a stylish brand owned and operated by talented bladie Angie Bender and they have just released some sleek new gear for both the adults and even the wee little bladers in training. RollerBender previewed some cool looking Varsity style jackets with an embroidered snowflake frame design on the front, as well as a matching snapback to go along with it! They also released their new “Handshake” longsleeve which proudly shows off the secret skater handshake and even an awesome “Future Rollerblader” onesie for all the little blader offspring out there.


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