My 2014: Adam Johnson

2014 has been a good one. New products got released, people traveled from all over the world to visit some of the great events out there, awesome videos and edits came out and the vibe has been great in general. But of course, everyone’s got their personal favorites and we wanted to know how 2014 looked like for some of our favorite pro riders.

Don’t call it a comeback, because he has never really been away, but Adam Johnson definitely got more involved again this year. He hit the road to film some of the best VOD productions in blading and has some epic sections in the making right now. Things started moving again at Vibralux and some important decisions have been made to get his wheel companies moving forward as well. We are glad Adam Johnson is as motivated as ever, pushing things towards a bright future. So while we are waiting for big things to come in 2015, let’s take a look on his previous year.


Interview: Johannes Jacobi
Photography: Havana Mahoney, s. engler

My events in 2014:

Motor Town Classic
Blading Cup
Revolution Thursday Night Skate
Negrete Memorial BBQ

My tour life in 2014:
Broskow NYC VOD
3 California trips (Bfree, Bolino, Haffey, Farmer)
Atlanta trip (Farmer and Haffey)
Phoenix trip (Farmer and Haffey)
Kansas City (Bfree, Bolino, Farmer, Haffey)

My edits/parts in 2014:
Motor City Part
Broskow Secret Lair
Broskow Youtube Skate Video
Broskow NYC
Bfree VOD
Bolino VOD
Farmer VOD
Haffey VOD
How To Skate SLOWcal

Cities in 2014:
Detroit, Kansas City, Atlanta, Phoenix, San Francisco, Oakland, LA, New York City, Orlando, and all the cities on the road in between.

Countries in 2014:

Any broken equipment in 2014:
DJI Phantom

Any specific moment or experience that stood out in 2014?
Getting back to filming my brothers skating.

What was your worst moment in 2014?
No bad days. Any time I think of a day as being bad I remember it is just an opportunity to learn and become better. My least favorite day was when Farmer split his shin open in Atlanta effectively ending his trip on the day that Haffey arrived.

Is there such thing as the best day in 2014?
In the skating world it was the day Mike Johnson got married. Any day I wake up next to my girlfriend/puppies.

Best in 2014…

Travel buddy: Farmer (all the VOD dudes though, but Farmer is inside my head)
Event: Blade Cup
Place: USA
City: Brooklyn
Online edit: Sizemore Valo Pro
Meal: YJ’s breakfast sandwich covered in gravy
Song: Shake It Off
Girl: Havana Mahoney
Blader: Bfree
Company: Bose
Movie: Bloodsport
Beer: Odell IPA
Party: Mike Johnson’s wedding reception
Trick you’ve filmed: Bfree’s ender

What’s planned for 2015 so far?
Vibralux Denim Made in the USA launch, new wheel profiles for Dead wheels, Street relaunch, Vibralux VODs/ team video, 2014/15 KU Men’s Basketball National Championship, Thunder NBA title, land the Leap of Faith, get more kids to skate, win Winterclash.

Photo: s. engler

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