Everything comes back in circles, in art, in fashion and in rollerblading. With the emergence of freeskate UFS frames a few years back (even though Salomon did it almost 15 years ago but nobody thought it was cool, remember, when you were out there skating in shiny track pants, on 55mm wheels and freestyle frames), there has been a turn back towards riding flat setups. First it was a few frame brands that don’t operate under large distribution umbrellas, then there were Kizer’s semi-successful Element and Slimline frames and their powerblading frames etc. USD even went so far to ditch UFS altogether and created the AEON skate, which seems like the skate to ride flat in, even though some kids can’t handle it and they take out the middle wheels, LOL. In the end, Ground Control tried playing catch-up with the BIG frames. This time, they may finally have hit the nail on the head with the Mega frames. Taking hints from Kaltik and K2, they might have created a product able to fulfil it’s promise.


This is what they say about their product: Our new lightweight street frame that allows up to 64mm wheels flat rockered. The MEGA has a more traditional height, offering a low center of gravity and familiar balance on topsides and h-block grinds. The h-block is designed to wrap around the inner wheels to help safeguard skaters from the dreaded wheel bite. Wheel spacing allows for full access to UFS bolts making frame change/rotation a breeze. UFS mounting points have been beefed up to 9mm thick to increase stiffness and prevent any unwanted fracturing.

Personally, I can’t wait to try a set, when I finally have the time to skate at least once a week.

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