If you were starting to get the itch for more Geoff Phillip footage than today is your lucky day! We are lucky to receive a full profile to celebrate Geoff’s new signature wheel from the Orange Wheel Company, which should hopefully curb your withdrawals! Not surprising to anyone the tech wizard’s profile is filled with never before seen switchups, inventive wallrides and brain-freezing rail transfers. Geoff filmed his section over the course of one year with the help of Zach Pavel, Howie Bennett, Justin Barr, Mykel Fatali, and Austin “Foogie” Bartels .

Geoff had this to say regarding his wheel release:

“Getting this wheel is a childhood dream come true. My Dad passed away in April so he didn’t get to see the wheels, but he knew I was getting them & that brings me a little peace. I don’t want to dedicate this one to him because I was already working on it well before he passed. I hope to one day soon make something to honor the guy who made me the man I am.”

In memory of Paul C. Phillip 02/02/1958 – 04/12/2019

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