Camp Life: Brian Bina

Imagine… Imagine you are visiting this music festival in northern Europe. A music festival that is supposed to be one of the best in the world, with space for 131.000 people, 7 stages and 166 bands.

Now imagine you are stumbling over the campsite, sipping on your coffee as you try to put the pieces about last night back together. You pass by the skatepark to check who is in for a morning session. Next to a bunch of beautiful girls hanging out in the sun, there’s also this guy cruising around the park and obviously enjoying his little session. Taking a closer look you realize it’s Brian Bina, the guy behind Haitian Magazine, on his first ever Euro-trip.

Wait… this guy is here, living the camp life just like you are? Yeps, take a look yourself.


Text: Johannes Jacobi
Photos: Dominik Wagner

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Top 5 things about camping
– Lesbian neighbors
– Fighting for a tent space
– Spending less than 5 hours a day in the tent
– Unintentional orgy’s
– Waking up and not knowing who or what you’re going to find

Top 5 things about Roskilde
– Ground beers
– Recycling money
– Free drugs
– Left over food at tables
– More girls than guys


Top 5 essentials
– two
– hydrogen
– and
– one
– Oxygen

Bands I want to see at Roskilde
– Electric Wizzard
– The Master Musicians of Jajouka
– Les Ambassadeurs
– Toumani & Sidiki Diabaté
– Rolling Stones