Supercoolblading: Website Now Online

You might have missed the news in our recent interview with Jake Eley, but the launch of his new Supercoolblading website should not go overlooked though! Collaborating with several talented photographers throughout the UK, bringing his own views to the table and sharing impartial product reviews, Jake has created a great piece of online media we can only encourage you to check back often!

I’ve got a bunch to say, alot of it about blading and I’ll try and keep it as diverse and unwanky as a blog can be. I’ve got loads of talented creative friends willing to contribute and a shop full of skates so expect photos, videos, product reviews and more. Updates will be regular from now. I’ve kept the old material from LocoSkates blog below, but it’s about to get way more bloggy!– Jake Eley

Visit the website here:





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