Dom West has just released his epic full length video “Blading Burma” online for free. Dom had set out to create a unique video experience by taking three of the most talented inline skaters, Gav Drumm, Joe Atkinson and Mathieu Heinemann, and traveling to the southeast Asian country of Myanmar (formerly Burma) to document the unique skating community there.

Dom and the crew do an amazing job of showing the passion within the Myanmar skating scene and highlighting the individuals that make skating prosperous there. Dom spoke with U Myint Than, the owner of Million Skatepark, which is the first indoor skate park in Myanmar. Mr. Than discusses why he opened the park initially to give the children there a constructive practice that would keep them away from vices such as drugs and alcohol and also keep them active and healthy.

For the majority of us, we tend to take for granted how easily accessible inline skating can be, either from attainable working skates and skateparts or having the convenience of local skate parks or roll-able skate spots to enjoy. These are things that the skaters of Myanmar have to work hard for and they make the most of what is available to them. Despite all of the obvious limitations that they may have, the one common thread is their overwhelming passion and dedication to progress and enjoy skating for what it is.

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