Martim Braz Teixeira

Seba Seufferheld: Recovery Update

Seba Seufferheld traveled Europe as part of the Haitian Family when he slipped under the tires of a bus in Lyon around 2,5 months ago. Luckily he is already doing much much better and we asked him for a little status update on his recovery process. We want to wish him ALL THE BEST and a continuing fast recovery. Keep on smiling buddy!

Make sure to read the article of our friends from Hatian Mag to find out more and stay safe everyone!

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Here is what he sent us today:
The injuries totaled to be 7 fractures in different places of my hip. One of the fractures damaged a vein and it caused a big hemorrhage (loss of blood). The scariest injury was that I lost my vision for 15 minutes after getting run over by the bus.

The doctor said that I will need another 3 months minimum to fully be able to skate again like before. He also said I will have to hangout in the gym for this time getting as much strength as possible. My physical therapy consists of swimming, doing all kinds of weight exercises, cycling, meditation, eating healthy and a lot of yoga.
I’ve learned that the body reacts to what we demand the body to do, that is, if we sit around and do nothing, our bodies get fit for that particular activity, and if we blade and take impact and all that, our bones get stronger and grow, our muscles form more layers of elasticity and protection. – Seba Seufferheld

Photo: Martim Braz Teixeira

Photo: Brian Bina / Haitian