Scumpire: Courtney Cain 2014 Section

In other Scumpire news, the crew dug into the clips crypt and brought back this 2014 footage of Denver OG Courtney Cain. Often seen killing the streets in the past alongside Brian Aragon and the likes, Courtney shines in this new piece, filmed and edited by Ian Walker with the help of Scumpire’s usual suspects Howie Bennett and Mykel Fatali! Technical skills and smooth shredding on your screen: press play already!

Courtney’s been one of Denver’s best kept secret for years. He’s been mine and entire generation of bladers’ favorite dood to skate with, and we were lucky enough to have been back. We started filming this last spring, but of course life catches up to everyone and you got to man up. After living an extremely fruitful high profile celebrity life Court’s back with his boyz. Expect more to come.

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