Sam Grimm: One Night at Oil City Skatepark

New York OG and legendary East Coast blader Sam Grimm had arguably one of the best online sections to ever be featured on Be-Mag, and quite a few years later, it is a great pleasure to see him back on our screens! The guys over at Butter TV caught up with Sam and managed to film one evening session at the Oil City skatepark, proving that despite the lack of regular practice, Sam will go straight for the jugular still, with classic, technical bangers!

Aside from occasionally seeing him at a local skate comp watching from the sidelines–catching up with Sam Grimm on a pair of blades is a hard task these days. He’s a family man, a supervisor for a general contractor, and a student for another degree in engineering. Two years ago we talked about putting together a new edit and Sam even bought a new pair of USD‘s. One night we showed up at Oil City Skate Park to get back into shape and shot these “rinky dink” tricks. Unfortunately life got extremely busy for us all and we haven’t been able to film much so rather than delay any longer–Here’s what we got started.

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