River Rumble 2014: Results, Photos and Edit

Just a few days ago, the 2014 edition of Iowa’s River Rumble went off, and this time again, the great folks over at Iowa Connection provide us with full coverage of the event. Here are the full results, along with a gallery of pictures shot by Tiffany Wells, and an edit brought to you by Bruce James Bales. Once you’re done checking this out, make sure to add their website to your bookmarks too!

Photo gallery: http://www.iowa-connection.com/?p=1960

Champion: Logan Clark
Best Trick: Tri-Tri Rudolf
Box Champ: Josh Michalec
Mini Shredders: Nico McDaniel and Coleman Kinter
Best Flow: Ben Forsythe
Best Style: David Flores
Most Hyped/Worst Fall: Caleb Smith