The great state of Iowa has always had a rich blading culture and a plethora of incredible talent has emerged from the Hawkeye state. Bruce James Bales of The Iowa Connection has been at the center of the skating community in Iowa and helped keep it’s scene visible to the outside world for well over a decade now.

His latest installment is his freshly released “Iowat: Volume 3” features profiles on Logan Clark, Bryce Orfield, and Caleb Smith. Also featuring the talents of Spencer Smith, Bruce James Bales, AJ Keane, Shawn Warndorf, Troy DeZeeuw, Chris Watts and Justin “Jefferson” Augustus.

The Iowat crew really shine in their most recent efforts with everyone bringing something different to the table. From the stunt filled hammers of Logan Clark, Caleb Smith’s unique use of both aggressive and big wheel setups, Bryce Orfield’s creative trick selections to AJ Keane’s technicality on quad skates, they all create a very entertaining and well produced product for the viewers. Great job all around for the Iowat crew!

Edited by Bruce James Bales
Filmed by Bruce James Bales, Logan Clark, and many others

Music by:
Golly and the Geebirs

Teller Bank$

The Only Ion

Glass Ox

Noremac McCarthy

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