The boys from Utah are at it again with their new video Park Edit: The Movie 2, which premiered at the Guerrilla Blade Jam afterparty September 14th, 2019.  The video was filmed, directed, and edited by Alex Bass, with footage shot over the summer.  The video features many of Utah’s finest bladers including Jett Rennert, Hazen Bell, Carlos Guzman, Kirill Braynin, Chris Napoleon, Josh Fields, and John Dickerson.

The film also features Reid Hendrix, Matt Moya, Train Owens, Jake Fields, Cal Carson, Zach Sturtevant, Dan Dickerson, Alex Jimenez, Mike Scott, Nick Maneotis, Hayden Eatchel, Nick Stewart, Chris Sanchez, Ethan Cuglietta, Jess Fletcher, Richie Rodriguez, Mykel Fatali, Zach Egbert, Danial Larson, and Mike Fontenelle.

Additional filming by Lindsay Bass, Carlos Guzman, Jett Rennert, Kirill Braynin, and Hazen Bell. Original artwork by Ethan Cuglietta.

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