Off Road Pacing: Video Documentary

Remember our interview with blader and sociology student Thomas Riffaud? Well, along with ARTSN Video, he now released the full documentary on the Off Road Pacing project, a 28 minutes piece which not only features the stunts of Mathieu Heinemann or Rémy Meister on the blades, but also confronts the visions of bladers, urban planners, artists or simple pedestrians, and this wonderful urban landscape we all share: a must watch!

We also did three shows in different places in the little neighbourhood where the festival took place. More precisely, 5 skaters (Rémy Meister, Mathieu Heinemann, Hadrien Bastouil, Charlie Ruckly and myself) tried to skate, while Johan Berthonneau explained to the public what street skating actually is (for example, how we choose a spot, what’s our lifestyle like, etc). Several urban planners worked on this project too, and explained both to the public and ourselves how urban space is conceived and built. The whole project is basically a meeting between an unsuspecting public, urban planners, and a bunch of street skaters.– Thomas Riffaud

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