Nowavves: Anthony Marchione 2015

Some more good stuff coming from the lads over at Nowavves, with this fresh new footage of Valo & Kaltik team rider Anthony Marchione! The Philadelphia resident’s strong upbringing shows in his flawless style, solid control and fast feet, and it sure is a pleasure to watch! Now we can only wish that Anthony will start working on a full section soon, because this is most definitely long overdue!

Nowavves is a new blade life style project with a world wide CLUB of inline brothers who will be inputting their love and time to create a montage project called SLOW. All the people involved with this project will film over the course of a year and the full edit will be released in 2016. Over the year of filming there will be interviews with the skaters, the loves in and out side of the sport. Plus 30 minutes music mix from each brother involved. – Steve Collis

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