Nørrebro Meltdown 2016: Flyer & Announcement

Christian Berg and our Danish friends over at R-A-D are hosting yet another Meltdown at the great little Nørrebro skatepark to welcome the first sunny days of 2016! This Saturday, April 16th, everyone in Copenhagen is invited to join the session, and maybe get the Spring King crown on their head at the end of the day! Far from a normal contest, this “winner-takes-all” event promises to be a lot of fun this year again: goodbye shitty weather!

FUCK YEAH SESSION TIME! Once again spring is over us, and that means only one thing, LOTS OF BLADIN’! So – just like last year, RAD will fire up the heat in all of us, so we can get rid of all that shitty weather! We will as always find a “Spring King” of the day!– Chris Berg

Join the event on Facebook: facebook.com/events/1677907959149758
Visit the R-A-D official website here: r-a-d.dk/
Follow their page for more updates: facebook.com/R-A-D


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